Our History


Ion Business Solutions started in the early 1990s as a small operation building and repairing systems for friends and acquintences. We were primarily focussed on building small networks to provide educational software to children and teens.

As time went on we developed relationships with business and government customers providing hardware and network gear. Some of our larger customers included the U.S. Navy, Olympic College, Magnolia HiFi and Valley Cities Counselling.

Migration from Hardware to Service

In the late 90s, the margin on hardware was so thin, it was unprofitable to simply resell. Our existing customers were requesting more service anyway, so it was a natural process to migrate to a more service-oriented business. During this period we trained and received certifications with Sonicwall and NeverFail.

Current Services

As our customers matured, we found ourselves supporting ever newer and more complex infrastructures. As such, we were compelled to learn ever newer disciplines as well, such as CRM, Sharepoint Portal Server and VMware. We invested heavily in strengthening our core competency, which has been network maintenance and support. Ion partnered with Kaseya to aquire the K-Central network management package, allowing us to provide real-time monitoring and support for our existing customers. This was a turning point in our development.

This Year and The Future

Training and Competencies

We have set an ambitious goal for 2010 to raise the level of each employee's certification and competency. Some employees are pursuing certification training with VMware and Citrix, while other will be working with New Horizon Training Center to upgrade their Microsoft certifications. We are proud to be Solution Centers for Neverfail and Sonicwall, and aim to maintain high levels of competency in their products and solutions.

Application Virtualization and Streaming

We have been working on developing an application server for streaming software applications. We have an environment, which virtualizes and streams applications to the desktop. We would like to develop this model for large scale implementation for business and education use. The challenge at the moment is to develop licensing relationships with software vendors and a client base willing to give it a try.

Network Monitoring Services

Meanwhile, we are strengthening and further developing our core managed network services business.

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